A beautiful website is a great start, but chances are you also want your website to do something. Marijawo team includes capable and talented web designers and developers who are able to solve complex issues with innovative and efficient solutions.


Marijawo development process begins with the creation of wireframes. Wireframes are drafts of the structural layout of the web site. The design of the site will be based on these wireframes. The wireframes and the site map will establish the functional specifications of the site. read more


Once we have established the wireframes, we will design the web site using Photoshop based on the finalized layouts. Design is an iterative process typically starting with the front page. The inner pages will be created based on the tone and style of the front page. read more


Backend development involves installing and customizing contributed Drupal modules, and the development of custom modules. The Drupal community has a large number of user contributed modules that provide functionalities that range read more


Theming is a critical part of the Drupal development process. It involves integrating the site design with the backend system. This is the process that creates the actual skin for your site. read more


Mariajwo ensures that every web site that we develop is compliant with Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explorer 7.0 and the FireFox browsers. We will also make our web site compliant with Safari and other browsers if required. read more